sábado, 31 de octubre de 2015

Glory hammer son...


Thomas Winkler - Voice-Modulated Star Nucleus
Paul Templing - Dark Matter String Manipulation Interface
James Cartwright - Trans-Dimensional Subsonic Cluster
Christopher Bowes - Positronic Oscillator Command
Ben Turk - Percussive Phi-Quason Battery


In the distant future of the year 1992...war has returned to the galaxy. One thousand years have passed since the brave hero Angus McFife defeated the evil sorcerer Zargothrax in the battle of Dunfermline, trapping the wizard in a frozen prison of liquid ice. But now, a cult of unholy chaos wizards are plotting to release their dark master from his ice-bound tomb and once again unleash the sorcerer Zargothrax upon the universe. The tragic destiny of the Galactic Empire of Fife now hangs in the balance once more...

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